Our Impact

Changing lives, one small deed at a time. Look how we have impacted the lives of many.

Shipping Food Items to Haiti

Florida – has been aware of Haiti’s brewing food crisis for years: Haitian agronomists, economists, farmers, and government officials, foreign

Providing Shelter to Orphans

Rayalseems, Andhra Pradesh – Gummakonda Foundation supported Grama Bharthi for their work in sheltering Orphan Children. The beneficiaries, otherwise coming

Hurricane Irma Relief Work

Florida – Gummakonda foundation relief workers delivered box trucks filed with emergency relief supplies to residents of Florida, impacted by

Eye Camp Support

Vrindavan, Uttarakhand – Every quarter of every single year for almost a decade, PSP along with Gummakonda Foundation has been

Digital Education for Rural Children

Marriguda, Telangana – Government schools suffer from a lot of problems typical of government and public schools. The teaching staff,

Secret Santa for Christmas

 Hollywood,Fla. – Every year, a South Florida businessman visits area layaway departments and makes holiday dreams come true. Five days

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