Digital Education for Rural Children
16 July, 2018

Digital Education for Rural Children

/ 2 years ago

Marriguda, Telangana – Government schools suffer from a lot of problems typical of government and public schools. The teaching staff, as well as the students at the school, are severely demotivated.

Digital Classrooms bringing about improved learning levels in the villages.

The classrooms enabled with digital aid curriculum have shown a drastic change in student’s retention levels. We are happy to know that children have developed a keen interest in learning and the weekends are being utilized for educational and awareness videos for women/youth etc on agriculture, health, govt schemes, etc.

Our E-Learning classrooms have a huge impact in increasing education and awareness standards in Rural India at a very low cost.

The yearly academic performance results have improved, and so has attendance.

The students enjoy the enhanced interactive experience which is motivating and encouraging students to learn more.

The students are loving it!


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