One of our initiatives in the field of education is setting up digital classrooms.

The main objective of this plan is to increase the rate of retention and quality of education in the students and decrease the dropout rate. This can be measured by comparing the results of Semester and Final exams with the results of last year, done by the principal. This is a quantitative measure, so the success of the program will be measured by the increase in the average marks across grades. Another quantitative measure can be comparing the dropout rates pre and post-implementation.
A secondary objective is to motivate the teachers.

Since this school has 475 students, we would require a minimum of 3 computers to provide complete digital education for all subjects.
As discussed with school management, they are already operating one digital classroom successfully through Mana TV curriculum provided by the Govt. But that infrastructure is not enough, and two more such setups are required to cater to all students.

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Seetha Aiyar

"Namaste Shekarji and Shylajaji, We are so honored to make this donation to help people suffering from the impact of COVID-19. Thank you implementing such a creative idea and staying true to the mission of Gummakonda Reddy Foundation. Sincerely, Seetha, Harish, Sanjay and Sunil "

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